As I set up to interview Sarah Wilson in her simple sunny home, She ‘s distracted with a bowl covered with a tea towel, sitting on the edge of the kitchen bench.

“Move anything you need to, just not this bowl”

Sarah is tells me she’s growing a probiotic in her kitchen, it’s a living breathing organism and it shouldn’t be moved around.

Sarah lives what she sells. Her fresh, tanned beauty is the perfect ad.

Between takes at Sarah’s sunny place.

I wanted details about this “quitting sugar thing”… I eat very clean, but just cannot eliminate my two squares of dark lindt each night.

It’s what helps me be “good”, knowing I can have a little sweetness and that I’m not depriving myself.

But the good news is, according to Sarah Wilson, the author of “I Quit Sugar” you don’t necessarily have to deprive yourself to find your healthy happy place and not be a slave to the white stuff.

Sarah want’s everyone to eat when their body needs to eat, feed it the nourishment it deserves, not too  much, not too little and not obsess.

She says she doesn’t constantly think about her next meal or sugar hit, or fret about calories, because she’s no longer addicted.

I spoke to Sarah about the new film “Fed Up” (by the producers of The Inconvenient Truth, see the link below.) about American’s addiction. The way they’re going, this generation will be the first to die before their parents.

Sarah says it’s a film Australians need to see, because the same thing is happening here. 300 000 people have done her plan and her book is a New York Times best seller, so people are starting to get an inkling.


For me, the “take away” is we have to be our own health researchers, and advocates. With so many mixed messages, we have to be smart about the choices we make.

I used to crave sugar. When I was single, sometimes I’d have wine and dark chocolate for dinner. (Each week you can read “new research shows” these are good for you!) After my trainer gave me a healthy eating plan a year ago, I‘m balanced and healthy and in the right place for me.

Sure I still love chocolate, but don’t long for the weekend when I can eat cake.

Here’s what works for me:

  • The best lesson has been, rather than punishing my body, I think about nourishing it and listening to what it needs and doesn’t need. It really does work itself out when I have that mindset.
  • I’m always working at ignoring any mixed messages about food and not worrying about what others appear to be doing.
  • I only eat what I really love. I pack my lunch for work every day because I don’t want to have a disappointing meal or have to make a choice to eat something which isn’t good for me.

So anyway, as I left Sarah’s place after the interview, she gave me a peek at what was inside that mysterious bowl, under the tea towel.. a strange looking milky liquid, which she tells me looks funky but tastes yum. It’s in her wonderful cookbook if you’re interested…

Who said clean living is boring?

xx JT

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