I’ve decided to be my own guinea pig in a little experiment. All it will take is lying flat on my back for a few minutes each day.

Let me explain: I’ve used meditation since a teenager, on and off in my life, when I’m feeling anxious and even when I’m feeling great. I know that however I feel, the calmness and clarity that comes with meditation makes me feel even better. Meditation can serve as an anchor, grounding us back to our own true desires and feelings and blocking out the irrelevant noise of the world.

Even Harvard researchers say, “There is a true biological effect”.

So if it feels soooo good, why the heck don’t we all do it more? I want to show you, honestly what happens if we really commit to this every day, because I have a feeling it could be amazing.

I got up a little earlier every day for a week to meditate for at least ten minutes, to give myself the gift of doing nothing and seeing what happens if we, busy people FIND the time.

“Meditate. Breathe consciously. Listen. Pay attention. Treasure every moment. Make the connection.” Oprah Winfrey.

Monday: I went to bed at 9:30 Sunday, so I wouldn’t have trouble getting up early. I meditated at a time which suited me. Some say you should do it first thing, but the aim here is to “just do it” and make it consistent and easy.

I had breakfast, walked the dog had my usual takeaway latte, came home and got down on my mat. I did some basic yoga before meditating for about 15 minutes. I listen to a playlist which makes me relax.

Feelings: This practice slowed down my morning. I felt refreshed and clear.

Tuesday: After another early night, I followed the same routine. Then, I simply lay flat on my back. I listen to music and then slowly relax every part of my body, consciously thinking about each area. I concentrate on breathing and repeat mantras I like. Saying in my mind things such as …”I am peaceful in my body, heart and soul”.

Feelings: If I could use one word to describe how I felt during the day, it would be “clarity”. My intuition was crystal clear. I didn’t second guess decisions, such as going in to chat with my boss about my work. I just did it. I spoke with him honestly and it had a great outcome.

Wednesday:  I meditated for about 15 minutes today again.

Feelings: The morning didn’t exactly go smoothly today. On the way to work, I had a little bingle in the (boyfriends!) car. How I dealt with it was what mattered. The crash and the damage was minimal, but I was still shocked and it was a stressful situation.

I was calm and kept it in perspective. Although I felt guilty (it was my fault, sorry boyfriend!). I told myself it wasn’t on purpose and this moment wasn’t going to ruin my day. I called my boyfriend straight away and firstly, I told him I love him and that I crashed his precious car… In that order!

Thursday: Ahh I’m running late and I didn’t have time for more than a few deep breaths on the couch before work.

Feelings: I felt guilty for missing this morning.. what will i say on my blog!? Well no one’s perfect and I’ll do it after work. Today there were terror raids in Sydney, which makes for a buzzing newsroom. I found it harder to quiet my busy mind later in the day.

Friday: Hooray for Friday! I meditated for about ten minutes before work, but again found it a little harder to keep my mind clear this morning.

Feelings: Today was a busy at work again. I was consciously getting one task done at a time without being overwhelmed.

The Weekend: You’d think it would be easy to find time to meditate on the weekend, but with less of a routine it can be difficult. Still, I meditated in the mornings. I know I’d find it harder in the afternoon, when i have a nice glass of red on my mind!

Feelings: I take each moment as it comes, I catch myself when I get too caught up planning and looking ahead.



“The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches: You are the goal. You are the Answer. It’s never outside.” Eckhart Tolle.

What now…?

After truly committing to an everyday practice, I feel I can’t go back to my “now and then” meditation. I kinda knew this would happen!

When I begin my day with meditation, I feel clearer, more connected to my own feelings and intuition.

Ultimately, I believe meditation makes us more clear about who we are and what we TRULY want. It helps us connect with the present moment. It sounds like a miracle pill.. but it’s free and it’s ours whenever we want it.

Peace out.