Most of us are no good at being sick.

We’re not patient enough to take it easy and JUST CHILLAX already! We think;”I’ll be okay hitting the gym, battling on at work and then meeting friends for dinner”, even though we have the flu and we really need to be curled up in bed.

The problem is, when we keep ‘doing’, we are listening to our ‘ego’- the voice in our head telling us we ‘should’ do a weights session because we feel like we’ve achieved something, or we ‘should’ meet up with friends because we don’t want to let anyone down.

When we listen to our ego, we’re not listening to what our amazingly wise bodies are trying to tell us. Our EGO is really what holds us back from getting well again.

I’m guilty of all of the above. I’ve had this awful virus on and off for a month, because every time I start to feel okay, I try to ‘do’ too much.

That backfires. It takes us heaps longer to feel physically or mentally well again.

No amount of vitamin C, bone broth and green juice can replace the need for rest and sleep for our poor little cells to recover.

 “What we resisit persists.”

When we listen to to our bodies and surrender to the fact that we are sick, we treat ourselves better and we give ourselves the chance to GET BETTER.

I’m finally coming out of my flu fog. If you’ve battled with a cold, flu or nasty virus, and this is one of the worst seasons ever for it, surrender to it, listen to what you body needs, tell your ego to butt out and … REST.

Be well.

JT xxx