When did eating become so complicated!?

We come across hundreds of articles, for and against; bread, meat, dairy, gluten, fat, even kale can apparently kill us?!

If we took all of this advice to heart, we’d just give up and become “breatharains”!

But seriously, it can be so hard to know what to eat, to nourish our bodies and minds.

The answers can’t be found in a study, by watching what your ‘healthy’ friends are eating, or what’s worked for a famous food blogger… Nope, the answer is in YOUR gut, literally.

Being educated about the latest information available in nutrition is important, but ultimately, we find out what’s supportive for us by the way we ‘feel’ after we eat it.

If you feel heavy or sick after drinking milk, no study proving dairy is ‘good for you’, is valid.

If you enjoy a red wine with your dinner now and then, but a health nut you admire doesn’t drink, well, C’est la vie! That’s them, you do you!

The trick is, to be honest about how you feeeeel

If you ‘want’ a second coffee because you just love a good cuppa, but you know it’s going to make you anxious, choose what will be nourishing, for your body and mind.

Making the best food choices from what’s available at the time (because every meal won’t be perfect) is respecting our bio individuality, meaning understanding your body is different to mine and that’s okay.

Pause and ask the gut/intuition/heart, what will feel nourishing right now, AND after we’ve eaten it, in an hour or two.

Let’s not freak out about every ‘new study’ because, chances are, our gut will tell us to go easy on the kale… Before it harms us.

Stay well beauties.

xx JT