Detox Your Life with Jessica Bowditch

Jessica Bowditch specializes in helping people detox their lives.

Her bespoke coaching programs empower clients to reach their goals in the areas of mindset, relationship, career and food.

Jessica is also a writer and broadcaster.

Here you will find solutions empowering you to detox your life, focusing on mindset, relationships, career and food.

Hi there!

Our time together will lead you to let go of what is no longer serving you, creating space to design a life you love!

Through one-on-one consultations, I’ll create a bespoke experience for you.

You will receive clarity around making life transitions, such as changing your eating habits, moving though breakups, attracting positive relationships, even support with social media anxiety.

You might be looking for something more specific such as making time for yourself, quitting sugar or emotional eating.

About Jessica:

Hello and welcome! I’m Jessica and I’m passionate about wellness and helping others create a life they love.

I studied holistic nutrition with the New York based Institute of Integrative Nutrition and spent eight years as a journalist, most recently specializing in health.

This has given me unique access to the some of the most respected experts in the country and the latest health research.

I live in Sydney with my husband and our fluffy fur-child, Alfie. You’ll find me walking my dog in the neighbourhood, hanging out at our favorite breakfast spots or stretching out in a yoga class. It’s important to me to feel good, inside and out…. and to also enjoy “the good life”- that means indulging at quality restaurants, enjoying good wine and spluging on great shoes!

I have a balanced approach to health because pleasure of all sorts is essential to our spiritual well-being.

My Mantra: “To be present, live intuitively and nourish myself inside and out”.