At this time of year, we’re bombarded with stories about how to avoid “overindulging at Christmas”, telling us how many calories are in champagne or a mince pie.

I spent many Christmases worrying about eating too much, I know how “bad” all of that delicious festive food is, there was no way I was eating anything at Christmas without fretting about it making me fat. I didn’t need an article to tell me plum pudding is not an acceptable “diet food”.

I know so many of you are already anxious about what you’ll be eating or not eating on Christmas Day. Some of you have a plan or rules about what you will or won’t eat. These articles are not helpful for you.

It’s important keep perspective and know Christmas is one day of the year and whatever you do on that day does not matter in the scheme of how you eat all year. You can relax a little.

Also, don’t deprive yourself in the lead up to Christmas, thinking you’ll be making up for future “sins”. You don’t have to earn food to enjoy it. If you deprive yourself, when you finally allow yourself to eat again, you’re more likely to binge or not listen to your hunger cues and eat too much of the wrong types of food.

Eat some things you love, eat some things which will love your body and most importantly, focus on spending time with those you love this Christmas.


Stay Well.