Just when I thought I’d heard about all the crazy diets out there, a friend told me about “the pear diet”. Yep, it involves eating ONLY pears for as long as you can handle it. Of course the weight dropped off. Then it all piled back on, messed with this person’s metabolism, their relationship with food and their head.

When it comes to losing weight or simply improving your health,  many people have trouble of letting go of the idea that you have to white-knuckle it. You think you have to deprive your way to the finish line but the truth is, a healthy lifestyle is one you can maintain forever, not days or weeks. The reason we find this hard to believe is that we are all in such a rush to see results. If we are patient with ourselves and committed to changing habits one step at a time we’ll succeed. Our skin will improve, any excess weigh will fall off and our energy and mood will slowly improve. Don’t bite off more than you can chew beauties! If you currently don’t exercise at all, aim for once a week. If you’re addicted to sugar, swap out that 3pm chocolate for some nuts rather than swearing-off sugar for life.

My pear-eating friend now has a much healthier lifestyle, without deprivation, except when it comes to pears, she’s ditched those for life… which I can totally understand!

Stay well.

xxx Jessica.