No matter what your size, most women, at some stage in their lives have wanted to manipulate it in some way. I remember adding extra butter to my food when I was younger to gain curves… And when they finally arrived, fat became the enemy and I was suddenly afraid of putting weight on!

A healthy life is not a result of  fear of food, the scales or putting on weight. Instead, being healthy is having an abundance of the good stuff: nourishing food, movement which makes you feel alive and a sense of self-love and acceptance.

Let go of the negativity around what it takes to look and feel your best and make space for what is positive and empowering about making healthy choices.

*Lose the bathroom scales. They are simply irrelevance to our health and happiness.

*Stop putting yourself down and complaining about your body to others (your body can hear you you know!).

*Focus on the nourishment you can ADD to your meals- not what you’re “missing out on”.

*Alow yourself your favourite treat now and then- it’s good for the soul!

*Also find ways to reward yourself with non-food deliciousness, such as a warm bath with scented oils or cute active wear.

*Surround yourself with people who inspire you and lift you up, not those who trigger negative feelings or who are weight-obsessed themselves.

Stay well.

xxx Jess.