For many of us, the holidays are over and it’s back to reality…

If your workplace is now expecting you to actually show up, but your struggling to rise before brunch, you’re not alone, it can take time to readjust. Why is it that holidays seem to fly by so fast? Perhaps because we pack so much in to them, with children, celebrations, relatives and travel, it’s no wonder it takes time to pull our heads down from the clouds. To feel normal again we must gently bring ourselves back down to earth… LITERALLY.

“Earthing” or “grounding” isn’t as woowoo as it sounds, it’s just another tool to have at your disposal to help you¬†feel better while doing life! We are constantly stimulated in the modern world, charged up with positive energy, so to balance this energy is to ground ourselves with negative ions which come from the earth. This must be why fresh cut grass feels so good under our bare feet! Walking in nature is one way to ground and I’ve listed more tips below. These are simple tricks which can switch your mood, focus and energy for the entire day, in just a matter of minutes.

  • Using natural organic oils derived from the earth (this is where I buy organic oils)
  • Meditation sitting with feel flat on the ground (to learn to meditate, go here).
  • Yoga reroots us (Check out this lovely yoga community)
  • Eating foods derived from the earth such as sweet potatoes have a grounding energy.
  • Getting your hands dirty gardening.

Stay well

xxx Jess.