It can seem almost normal to feel like a total hot mess on Mondays. You need a holiday to recover from last week, and the week before that for that matter. Life feels chaotic and you’re probably sitting at work staring at your computer, promising yourself…. “I’m never drinking again!”

This is the dreaded booze blues, yep, this is an actual thing. You ‘come down’ from alcohol and it’s not just our bodies which experience hangovers, our minds suffer too. A head-fog can last for days after our bodies have recovered. We are mentally slower, anxious, we often feel guilty and even a little sad.

I love a glass of red and recently began developing  a bad little habit of having a glass some weeknights as well as on the weekends. For many, this is  just fine. The healthy and wonderful Sarah Wilson has a glass of wine most nights and that works for her, but my body feels so much better with less. Yours might too.

Cutting back isn’t as hard a it might seem. You can honestly kiss goodbye a mid-week tipple habit in a few weeks. I know because I did and I don’t miss it.  Going back to only drinking on Friday and Saturday night means I don’t feel I’m missing out and I wake up feeling light and creative and patient throughout the week. It just takes little shifts in your thinking.

Realise what you’re ‘eating’:

When I spoke about this with Naturopath Lisa Guy, she told me, having a glass of wine at night is the same as eating one and a half pieces of bread after dinner… every night! You wouldn’t just sit on the couch and munch away on bread would you?

Replace the habit:

It’s much easier to drop a bad habit if you pick up a new one. Buy some delicious teas or try making a healthy hot chocolate with cacao and almond milk for desert instead of having wine.

Make your own choices:

Don’t feel pressured to have a mid-week drink if you don’t want one. I bet your friends or partner won’t actually mind if you don’t have that usual glass of wine with them at dinner. Honour your own health and remember you are the authority.

Having said hat, don’t be too rigid:

So it’s your friends birthday and she’s invited you out for a wine on a Tuesday. If you want to, go and enjoy every sip. Creating healthy habits isn’t about being perfect. Stressing on these decisions too much is worse for us than the alcohol itself.

Be kind to yourself and have a wonderful week.

Stay well.

xxx JT