Developing new “healthy habits” can make us feel a million bucks… but on the flip-side, these good intentions can the beginning of a disastrous spiral for perfectionists. Eating clean and working-out can easily become an obsession, which makes us rigid and anxious. The stress this causes is harmful your poor tired body, skin, organs, self-esteem.

I know this tedious path too well. I used to be so rigid, thinking going for a run is good, so going for two runs will be better or if I cut junk food maybe I’ll go even further and restrict food groups or meals tomorrow. I became a diet over-achiever- “look at me everyone, see how disciplined I am!”. People see the changes when you tone up or loose weight and congratulate you… and this only feeds the obsession. You become hungry for those compliments from the outside and your “healthy” regime is no longer about YOU feeling good its about pleasing others.

I remember when I finally decided to please myself. It took time, but I no longer wanted to be fit and slim for my job, my partner, my boss or my friends, I wanted to feel my best for ME! I realised that what is truly beautiful is unconditional self-confidence and self-acceptance. As soon as you decide to live a beautiful healthy life for “you”, the clean eating and movement becomes a pleasure, not a chore.

The shift comes from making a new choice to act on love (for yourself) rather than fear (of what others think). 

The gorgeous Coach Camilla, who I train with, has such a positive approach. For her, health is holistic- it means down-time, movement, sleep, whole foods and a positive mindset. It’s hard to imagine the super-fit Camilla would ever suffer anxiety over her body or her performance, but she hasn’t always had a healthy body image. Her perfectionism caused terrible anxiety and she was once extremely hard on herself. But look at her now!! Camilla is living proof you CAN quiet your inner-perfectionist and you don’t have to carry anxiety and guilt any longer.

“If you enjoy what you do your body will respond”- Coach Camilla.

Check out part 2 of our chat about all of this! Warning: it’s a bit choppy at the start, I’m still working on my editing skills, but hey, I’m not “perfect” people 😉

Stay tuned for part 3!

Stay well.

xx Jess