A healthy life is in the details. That means the small actions you take really do add up, especially when it comes to nutrition. For example, that piece of cake is still a piece of cake even if it’s your work colleague’s birthday and you’d feel rude turning it down. Saying “no” is an act of self-care if you are prioritising how you want to feel from the inside, out.

Keeping it simple in the kitchen can also be an act of self-care, allowing your digestion a little rest from complicated combinations and preservatives and opening up more time in the evening to simply relax. On the journey to better health, people often complicate meals unnecessarily, chucking every “superfood” into a salad- leaving them feeling bloated and consuming more energy than they need. I know this because I was totally guilty of this compulsion!

But simple doesn’t mean boring people! Why not let fresh salmon do its thing with just a lemon wedge and pepper. Pop some sweet potato with cinnamon (a surprisingly delicious combo) in the grill and just add lean protein with some spinach. Imagine the time you will have to walk the dog, chat with friends on the phone or snuggle up on the couch. Sounds delicious too me.

Let’s chat more about this… check out the vlog on keeping it simple.

Stay Well.

X Jess.