Imagine if we followed ALL of the food fads out there- pretty much everything would be banned. Even water is apparently “bad” for us now according to one health publication. ¬†This is why we simply cannot rely on what’s fashionable when it comes to our diet.

When I’m asked about my “food philosophy” I have trouble answering. I’m not vegan, paleo, low fat, low-carb, my diet cannot be defined. After experimenting on myself, observing clients and studying- my food philosophy- is doing what feels right for YOUR own body.

The foods I respond well to will be different to what your body needs- the trick is to listen in to figure that out. For example, for many women, mood is negativity affected without enough wholesome carbs, others might feel great!

Discovering our own optimal way of eating which you can maintain for life cannot be achieved with a Google search either. I get it, I love doing my own research, and have to stop myself going down health rabbit holes too, but if you’re spending your time trawling the net for the “perfect” diet for you, you’ll just end up more confused. Tune-in and notice what feels good. This is the process which will lead you to feeling vibrant and to your unique ideal body size.

Having said all of that, there are fundamentals which work for most of us:

*Eat plenty of  greens.

*Avoid packaged and processed food.

*Choose healthy whole grain, slow-release carbs.

*Put your knife and fork down when you are satisfied (not stuffed!).

* Relax and enjoy food as one of life’s great pleasures and it will love you back, nourishing you from the inside out!

Stay well.

x Jess.