There’s nothing worse than wasting heaps of your valuable time getting ready in the morning or fussing over your face while your on holidays when you should be  enjoying life! The key to looking pulled-together, fresh and gorgeous in a hurry is investing in longer term beauty fixes. These are all tips I picked up through my tv career.

Investing in longer term beauty will save you time in the morning or before you head out because you’ll already look tidy, you just need a little “enhancing”.

  • Detox our makeup cupboard of the products you don’t use or love, so that you’re not rummaging to find the items you use every day.
  • Invest in a laser or medical grade facial (not just a pamper sesh) every few months to keep your skin clear, so you don’t have to muck about, banishing and covering spots.
  • Get a shellac mani-pedi, (some don’t like the chemicals in nail polish, but I’m all for balance and cannot stand chipping nails!)
  • Use a natural self tanner with moisturiser every day (ECO Tan’s Winter Skin is paraben free and builds a subtle tan)
  • Book in for lash extensions when you travel.
  • Invest in a good eyebrow wax and tint or feather brow so they require little attention each day.
  • Opt for bulk natural, organic shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body cream as these are products we slather over our bodies daily- and most commercials items are full of carcinogens and nasty chemicals. If you buy bulk, you always have them on hand and it’s usually cheaper.

We FEEL better if we look our best! A routine which is effortless and as natural as possible will keep you looking fresh and give you more time for what what truly lights you up!

Stay Well

Jess xxx