New years resolutions, we all make them… And unfortunately most of us break them. That’s because we make the New Years resolutions which are unrealistic and overwhelming. Instead of making resolutions to “do” more and “add” more to our lives, set intentions to let go of the habits holding you back- those no longer serving you and in turn creating space for the positive behaviours and habits which light you up!

For example:

*I resolve to be honest about how certain foods make me feel and let go of my addiction to those which make me feel less than vibrant.

*I resolve to let go of the “shoulds” around exercise and move in a way that makes me feel alive.

*I resolve to do my best to let go of negative thinking which isn’t helpful to me… as soon as I notice it!

*I resolve to unclutter my home of the things which don’t bring me absolute joy.

*I resolve to let go of perfectionism.

*I resolve trying to control my life and the people in it- instead accepting what is.

Wishing you a 2017 of wellness love and fireworks… All year long!