You want to look good and feel like the best version of yourself but you don’t want to work for it… or not for long anyway, so you look for short cuts.

  • detoxes
  • diet pills
  • fad diets
  • ‘diet’ or low fat foods
  • supplements
  • excessive exercise
When it comes to health, the truth will set you free:
If you continue to rely on the list above, I promise you, you will only end up unhappy, heavier and more toxic, in mind and body. 
The sooner you accept that  quick fixes don’t work, the earlier you will heal your relationship with food. You will stop gaining weight, your body will find it’s optimal state and you will finally be happy! So what DOES work?
  • Proper nutrition: eat REAL whole food from all the food groups, that means NOT cutting carbs, but choosing healthful options- quinoa, sweet potato, brown rice (if t’s too white it’s not right). Avoid processed food.
  • Movement: Exercise in a way which makes you feel good and do it often. Get your heart rate up and incorporate resistance training.
  • Adequate sleep: Work out how much sleep you need to feel refreshed and commit to getting in those hours most nights.
  • Manage stress: Be proactive to prevent overwhelm before it sets in with yoga, meditation, runs, dancing around the house naked- whatever works!
  • Relationships and pleasure: Studies show that people in societies which with a strong social and family structure live longer, so nurture family and friendships, lol often and share experiences (not just on Facebook).
Adopting new habits will take time so be patient, throw out the scales and instead feel and watch your body become stronger, your skin clear up, your digestion improve and your mindset alter. It has taken me years to drop old habits (I was a former diet-coke addict), but it was 100 per cent worth persevering. I’m a typically impatient Gen Y, seeking instant gratification and fast decisions, but I’ve learned to tame this tendency. When I feel myself expecting too much too soon in any area of life, I stop, breathe, sleep on it, talk it out and avoid putting pressure on the natural flow of life. On the journey towards a healthy life,  the benefits come slowly, but they will last a LIFETIME.
For me, a healthy life is now second nature and I have never enjoyed food and life, more. 
Stop seeking short cuts and instead, work hard,  persevere, practise discipline (a post on this coming up) and love yourself at every stage.
Stay well beauties.
JB xxx