I believe baby steps can lead to big earth shifting changes. It usually means being patient (boring I know!), to build careers, feeling more peace in our lives, a relationship a better body image or health.

I’ve made a little shift and it’s a baby one but I reckon it’s pretty sweet…

Each morning, I had been ordering my latte with a ‘sweetener’. Most coffee shops don’t have natural sweeteners such as Stevia, so it usually means I’ll have an equal.

I’m always learning more about how being the healthiest I can be (mind and body!)  and this little daily habit had somehow slipped through the cracks. I guess that’s because it’s a habit, it’s not a conscious decision I make every day. So I’ve finally decided to snap out of it!

I did some research on sweeteners, and the stuff you can dig up was pretty scary. Firstly studies show unnatural sweeter such as equal are toxic to for our systems and they make us crave sugar. I have a sweet tooth, so this is dangerous. I want food to work for me, not against me.

So here’s how I cut the sweet poison:

I told my Fiance and my coffee shop, which makes it’s official. My the gorgeous folk at the coffee shop were there to hold my hand and applauded this change for the better.  One day at a time, I ordered a skim late. Full. Stop. And then I  gave myself a pat on the back… yep this step is key.

It’s now been a month with no equal in my coffee and here’s what happened:

*Okay this was amazing to me- I tried a small sweet caramel chocolate offered to me at a family dinner (no harm in that) but I couldn’t eat it. It was waaay too sweet. I waited till I went home to have a square of dark chocolate (balance!)

*I don’t even notice that my coffee tastes different now. That happened after about two weeks.

*Sometimes I have to order coffee half strength because I can actually taste the strength of the coffee more now.

*I learned a little more about how amazing our bodies are. That tastes can change and our minds are so damn connected to our bodies.

If you have you cuppa with a sweeter, or actual sugar, perhaps you could give your body a chance to show you how easily it can adjust and thrive.

I don’t believe in a total sugar free lifestyle, because I don’t consider fruit, dark chocolate and a little honey now and then-  ‘bad’, but I do keep the amount of sugar in my diet down, because I know that without it life is even sweeter.

xx  JT.