There’s suddenly a chill in the air and that can affect our wellbeing.

I love warming up with a delicious latte in the morning, wrapping up in my winter clothes and rugging up on the couch on a cool night. The not so cool side of this season is dry skin, possible low moods, colds and flus which many of us experience in winter.

I’ve already caught a virus! I take supplements and eat well all year round, as many ofh you do, so getting better came with sleep, dropping any strenuous exercise, detoxing gentle yoga and more rest. I was better in one day.

Heres how you can stay supple, smiling and well this winter:

* Make time for solo quiet time each day.

*Try some simple yoga asanas to help detox and shake off stress (even ten minutes can be beneficial)

* Get more sleep than you think you actually need to avoid getting run-down.

*Exfoliate and use oils on your body.

*Try not to have super long hot soapy showers, as this can really dry out your skin.

*Swap salads for soups as your body craves comfort.

*Consider adding a green supliment when you feel a cold coming on. I use Good Green Stuff by Nuzest.

Stay warm and well.

Love Jess.