I can’t really remember what a sugar-high feels like but this must be close… Im so excited that the “sugar tax” trended on social media most of the day! The fact that so many of us are talking about our health is pretty sweet!

At Detox Your Life, we believe in “letting go of what is no longer serving you”. With more than half of all Australians overweight or obese, it’s clear that the sweet stuff isn’t serving us well. Some of you have the willpower and the education to let go of sugar in your life. This isn’t easy for everyone and we cannot rely on willpower, we have to create an environment which supports a healthy lifestyle. The Government intervened with smoking when it was killing us, and as a nation we have largely “let go” of smoking. A sugar tax isn’t the sole solution to our obesity and diabetes epidemic, but it will be a healthy part of the solution.

The trouble is, we don’t like to be told what to do, so make choices around sugar your own.

Notice how you feel after eating sugar, does your energy drop an hour later, does anxiety peak? If sugar isn’t serving you, reduce your intake and open up to positive ways to nourish yourself.

Stay well

x Jess.