When your home is a mess, it’s no coincidence that your life as a whole feels like a hot mess. Investing time towards clearing your space will truly lighten up your life quite literally as you let go of the items weighing you (and your closets) down.

Oprah has a rule that if you haven’t worn or used an item in the past year, get rid of it! You deserve clarity in all areas of your life, so give yourself the gift of giving up what no longer serves you, in turn opening your life up to new items, experiences which light you up!

For clearing inspiration check out Marie Kondos gorgeous book 

Stay well.


Jess xxx

Reasons to obey your body and rest

Many of us can tend to overdo it and expect to much from our bodies. Rest, sleep and slow movement is part of living a healthy life- it’s NOT a cop-out!


How to snack smarter

I had to go cold-turkey from the snack I was addicted to! Could your snacking be sabotaging your healthy life?

Keep it simple vlog

A healthy life is in the details. That means the small actions you take really do add up, especially when it comes to nutrition. For example, that piece of cake is still a piece of cake even if it’s your work colleague’s birthday and you’d feel rude turning it down. Saying “no” is an act of self-care if you are prioritising how you want to feel from the inside, out.

Keeping it simple in the kitchen can also be an act of self-care, allowing your digestion a little rest from complicated combinations and preservatives and opening up more time in the evening to simply relax. On the journey to better health, people often complicate meals unnecessarily, chucking every “superfood” into a salad- leaving them feeling bloated and consuming more energy than they need. I know this because I was totally guilty of this compulsion!

But simple doesn’t mean boring people! Why not let fresh salmon do its thing with just a lemon wedge and pepper. Pop some sweet potato with cinnamon (a surprisingly delicious combo) in the grill and just add lean protein with some spinach. Imagine the time you will have to walk the dog, chat with friends on the phone or snuggle up on the couch. Sounds delicious too me.

Let’s chat more about this… check out the vlog on keeping it simple.

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Do you swear off alcohol every new year?

There’s a good reason this is a common new years resolution- we overdo it over the holidays and end up kicking off a fresh year feeling heavy, guilty and tired. It is possible to drink in moderation, feel fantastic and not suffer post party season fatigue. Here’s how it’s done…

How to fit meditation into your life vlog

You promise yourself this week you will meditate every day… And by Wednesday, you’ve given up and you’re not only stressed, now you’re also feeling guilty, because you’ve “failed” yourself once again.

There is a very good reason most people give up on their meditation practice before you’ve begun. The top reason we give up and tips for beginners on the video blog.

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How to slay comparison

Comparison is the killer of joy. Comparing yourself to the illusion of celebrity or social media images is NOT a helpful  way to honour your unique beauty and talent. I let go of this habit  long time ago and so can you. Hers’s how…

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