So you’ve had a few too many champagnes, deserts and long brunches over the weekend? Well good for you! Life is too short to deny yourself life’s pleasures. Of course moderation is key, but we’re all human and we go overboard sometimes.
The trick now is NOT to be all cray-cray about getting back on top of your healthy eating. Kiss any feelings of guilt goodbye and be inspired to start the week fresh with the habits which serve you. That doesn’t mean fasting or cleansing or setting unrealistic expectations at the gym. Extreme measures will set you up for failure and binges if this has been an issue for you in the past. Instead over the next week, get lots of sleep, move your body in a loving (not punishing) way, load your plate with extra greens and take measures to reduce stress. Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressing about gaining weight, you gain weight?!

Overall, the 80/20 rule works well for most people. Accept that you’re human, have gratitude you are able to enjoy great food wine and friendship and move on with love for your body, just as it is today.


Stay well,