I’m a girl who sometimes used to have some red wine and dark chocolate for dinner. I was single, busy and well, I luurve chocolate and red wine!

I also didn’t understand that this is why I’d wake up feeling hungry, lethargic and dehydrated… why my skin was sallow and my mind was foggy. I also ate out. A LOT. I’d order healthy meals, but of course we never really know what we’re eating do we?

Now I cook most nights, but getting to this point was a slow process.

First, it took a desire to give myself some love! To feel better, nourish my body and treat it well. I was inspired by my favorite health bloggers Jessica Sepel and Sarah Wilson and the holistic nutrition course I’m studying, Integrative Nutrition.

I’ve found that when you feed yourself healthy meals and fill up on the love and respect your body deserves, your skin brightens, your cheeks plump-up, your eyes shine and your mind is clear. How delicious is that?

You will see the changes in the mirror and others will notice too. Healthy people are attractive in every way! We are all drawn to vibrant people who love and respect themselves.

Whether you’ve just started out cooking for yourself, or you need to thinkĀ about it differently, here’s how you can make cooking a gorgeous experience:

  • Just wing it! Sometimes I just put all of my favorite things together in a bowl and mix ’em up: avocado, sweet potato, spinach, toasted walnuts, chia seeds, beans, whatever! My fiance loves my organic chicken sausage salad. Sounds weird but sooo good!
  • Think of it like this: what do you feel like eating right now, are you craving salmon? Well guess what, if you make it yourself you can have it exactly how you like it, crispy and well done with wasabi… yes please!
  • Find a food idol- a blogger, chef, nutritionist who inspires you.
  • Don’t rush. I’m not very patient, but I’m learning to slow down in the kitchen. I light a candle and listen to a podcast or a lecture. I enjoy the process.
  • See cooking as an art form and a spiritual practice. It’s the only thing which we create which becomes us. The food we make and the energy we put into it becomes our blood. So never cook angry!
  • It can be difficult to cook when you have flatmates. Reserve the kitchen for just 2 nights a week, to have it all to yourself to experiment. Cook for your housemates, they will love you for it.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect. Cook for others even if you don’t know how it will turn out. Remember Bridget Jones? You’ll have a story to tell if it all stuffs up!
  • Copy your favourite restaurant dishes. I took lots of photos and re-created salad combinations I discoveredĀ  in LA. I copy my fave dish from a local restaurant and now I have it down pat.
  • Make extra for lunch the next day and the day after. This will save you money and time.

So today, I still have a red wine a few nights a week and a piece of good quality dark chocolate after dinner is a staple for me, but only after I have nourished myself properly. I wish the same for you.

Happy cooking beauties.

JT xx