Okay so you might be doing all the right things at the gym, walking every day or taking regular yoga classes… strengthening your muscles, but there’s a ‘muscle’ which we neglect at the gym… our minds.

What’s it up to while you’re in downward dog?

When your squatting your little heart out, what are you saying to the girl in the mirror?

Ideally, we walk away from a gym session all sweaty and feeling alive, but if your inner mean -girl has been yelling at you like an angry spin teacher, criticising you, and beating you up, you’re walking away from every workout feeling ‘less than’, deflated.

Next workout, practise bringing the mind back to more helpful thoughts. Notice the good bits. Praise yourself like a kind yoga teacher.

Like any form of exercise, the more you practise this, the better you get at it.

Stay Well.